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Announcing Keyword-optimized URLs

eBlox is currently in the testing phase of an important upgrade for our storeBlox e-commerce platform customers: Keyword-optimized URLs. What the heck is that? Well, a keyword optimized URL is structured in such a way that the product keywords are actually part of the URL itself. Here’s a comparison:

Standard URL:

Optimized URL:

As you can see, the latter URL contains keywords, which benefits the page in search engine relevance. Best of all, these URLs are generated automatically based on product names, so there’s no effort required to implement them.

eBlox continues to develop and deploy best-practice technologies for SEO and e-commerce, and we’ll be rolling this upgrade out free of charge to all customers over the coming month.

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Revamped, redesigned Corvest websites launched

Toppers home pageWe’re pleased to announce the re-launch of Toppers, Advalite, It’s All Greek to Me and Corvest. All sites include some pretty amazing features:

  • Online ordering for both distributors and end customers – end customer orders are routed automatically to distributors
  • Real-time inventory
  • Extensive distributor tools
  • Cross-brand display of all products
  • Solutions-based product navigation (using filters)
  • Lots of embedded multimedia (check out instructions on using filters for embedded media here)

Announcement and success story coming shortly to the eBlox site.

Swap out product configuration images dynamically

storeBlox 2 now offers the ability to swap out the main product image when a user mouses over a thumbnail, so that all product colors or variations can be viewed as quickly as a user can move their mouse.

For products with many colors or styles, this feature gives your customers instant access to all the variations available for a product without requiring a time-consuming page refresh or opening and closing a popup window.

Best of all, this preserves the “Larger Image” feature, so a user can still click on a thumbnail to view a full-resolution image of each variation.

Click here to see the feature in action. If you’d like to start using this feature, please contact us and we’ll set it up for you.