Blog: February 2008

From the storeBlox Newsletter: Embedded Multimedia

Last month, we added embedded media support to Banner Management. You can now embed multimedia files in any banner location on your site and manage them like you would any other banner.

To switch a banner to embedded media on a current storeBlox 2 site, just click the “Embedded” radio button and paste the code into the embedded box.

storeBox Banner Management screen shot

(If you’re creating your own Flash files, just use the Publish function and it will create the embed code for you. If you use a service like YouTube, the embed code can be copied from there.)

If the media file exists on a server somewhere (such as a YouTube video), you’re done. If you produced the media yourself, you’ll need to upload it to your FTP space. Make sure the links in your embed code refer to the correct URL for the file. That’s it!

Welcome to the eBlox blog

Well have a variety of posts here about industry trends, technology and new sites and projects we’re working on. We also plan on posting tips on using our storeBlox e-commerce platform, which is available for both promotional products and apparel distributors and suppliers.

Right now we’re deep in new projects and launches. We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff to talk about, including recent launches like Watermark Graphics and 2CoolPromos. Check those sites out when you get a chance, and always check back at our main site for news and press releases.

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