Blog: April 2008

Search engine ranking factors

A comprehensive (and somewhat technical) overview of all the factors that influence search engine rankings. Very detailed, and also acknowledges the disagreement over the significance of many factors. Good reading if you want to understand the details of search engine optimization. Check it out.

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eBlox Designer Jason Vines wins Karaoke Apocalypse!

Vine with the Karaoke Apocalypse trophy

Jason is the proud owner of a skull/marching band/anarchy trophy after taking the title at the highly competitive Karaoke Apocalypse competition Friday night at the Alamo Ritz. The winning song was (of course) “Welcome to the Jungle.”

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RDB Consulting Home PageeBlox is pleased to announce the launch of, a site for the executive compensation practice of Robert Buford, a consultant in Portland, Oregon. Check it out here.