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Group-based shipping methods

Among a number of small improvements and fixes in our first storeBlox CS release of 2019, we also launched Group-based shipping methods. storeBlox has Group functionality baked deep into the system, and it’s a great feature for variety of situations:

  • Assigning product access to groups: For example, your store can be set up so managers can see everything, while other users see only specific categories or products. This can be helpful if managers have access to free products, literature or other items that other users shouldn’t be able to view. You can even set up groups with their own landing pages and banners, creating Micro Stores.
  • Payment by group: Often, a store may make certain payment methods (like departmental budgets) only available to certain users. Group payment methods let you assign available payment methods to specific groups, and Group Approvers enables you to have an approver review and approve all the orders for a specific group.

There’s a lot more to Groups, so drop us a line if you need help understanding how to set them up and manage them. This month, we added Group-based shipping methods, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – you can now control access to any shipping method by group:

storeBlox CS group-based shipping

This extends the capability to control available shipping methods to Groups. For example, if your managers have access to free shipping or local delivery, but other users need to use only FedEx or UPS, you can now assign any shipping method by group!

Other updates

The latest release also brings additions to your Order Export, and a we’ve added the ability to opt out of Loyalty Marketing emails during registration and account editing. This is separate from general opt out of marketing emails.

As always, if you have any questions about setting things up or just need a custom demo or help selling, just give us a shout!

storeBlox CS: Group Management

Need to control access to a set of products? How about restricting budget access to a pool of customers without having to choose each one individually?

storeBlox CS Group Management screenshot

storeBlox CS Group Management

Enhanced Group Management is here. Manage any payment method or product access model with groups. Create custom group registration landing pages so that any user visiting the page becomes a member of the group automatically upon registering.

Here are just some of the things you can do with groups now:

  • Build custom “invite” pages with custom messaging. When a user visits this page, they view your custom message and automatically become a group member upon registering.
  • Total control of product/category access. Got a public company store but you need to show special corporate-only products to your internal marketing staff? Maybe you have certain products only available to franchisees. Groups allow you to control product access any way you want.
  • Assign payment methods and other privileges. Use groups to give pools of users access to specific payment methods and other special site features. Those franchisees that need to buy uniforms? Give them a budget or purchase order to use while hiding those payment methods from the general public.

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