Since 1999, eBlox has provided e-commerce solutions, consulting, integration, marketing and search engine optimization services to the promotional products and apparel industries, and places beyond. Our aim continues to be delivering high-quality, focused services for companies that are serious about their online presence.

While our custom development and consulting projects range as far afield as online image compositing systems or UI makeovers for supply chain systems, our core mission is the same: to help clients succeed in their online ventures. We have no agenda with respect to technology choices such as platforms or programming languages, and deploy solutions on any infrastructure, including our own co-located servers, client hardware, cloud services, or (often) a mix of the above. The most efficient and affordable solutions begin with an agnostic approach.

What we do

In the decade and a half we’ve been in business, eBlox has developed deep skill sets that we bring to every project:

  • Business Analysis: Before any technology discussion takes place, we attempt to understand your business. Often (sometimes to our clients’ consternation) we may point out process problems or shortcomings at this stage. Bring an open mind to the table, and you’ll be rewarded with experienced feedback.
  • Development and Production: eBlox brings years of best-practice Java, JSP, JSF, SQL, Apache, Tomcat, PHP, CSS & HTML skills to every project.
  • Hosting and Deployment: Scaling and content delivery are critical to the success of any web project. We cut through the confusion with real experience, often delivering hybrid solutions (such as co-location plus cloud) that are inexpensive and better-performing than other architectures.
  • Integration: Years of experience delivering real-time and batch integration with ERP, MRP, order entry, accounting systems means that you’ll be up and running with an integrated solution – whether it be order integration, inventory, or marketing automation – faster and cheaper than you thought possible.
  • Design: From UI/UX to branding, eBlox designers offer unrivaled expertise in developing superior web experiences.
  • Marketing: We’ve learned a few things over the years about what works and what doesn’t. Some of those have been condensed into eBooks and articles, while others are available for a modest fee. If you’re ready to dig into pay-per-click or marketing analytics, eBlox can help.
  • Analytics: Trudging through hundreds of analytics reports can be daunting for even the most seasoned web site operator. If you need help cutting through the fog, eBlox can set up simple dashboards and provide insight and automated reporting to ease your workload.
  • Training and Education: At eBlox, we’ve built up a pretty big treasure trove of expertise, and we like sharing it with you. From monthly webinars to free eBooks, we love giving you the things you need to sell more, look better and create more opportunities.

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