Blog: January 2012

New storeBlox CS Feature: Shipping Validation Module

Many of our customers have company stores that allow both business and personal purchases – a dozen golf shirts for a trade show team and a ball cap to take home to the kids, as an example. With storeBlox CS, you can now control what payment methods are available based on the type of purchase a user is making.

Purchase Type screen shot from storeBlox CS

Purchase type is set up with a custom field in storeBlox CS

Those golf shirts? Purchase orders or departmental budgets are fine. The ball cap? That one should probably go on a personal credit card. By specifying which payment types are acceptable for each purchase type with our new Shipping Validation Module, you can control which payment methods are available for each type of purchase.

Creating a custom field in storeBlox CS screenshot

Creating a custom field is easy in storeBlox CS

Even better, because the module uses a custom field to define purchase types, there’s virtually no limit to the types of transactions you can create and control. Common usage might be “personal” vs. “business”, but you could also restrict payment methods to certain business units, etc.

Look for more great features this spring and, as always, let us know how we’re doing and what you’d like to see!

Print Synergies launch

Print Synergies storeBlox 2 web site home page

Print Synergies storeBlox 2 e-commerce site

eBlox is happy to announce the launch of Print Synergies, a storeBlox 2 web site for the Carrollton, TX promotional products distributor and printer. brings together a carefully-selected catalog of promotional products and apparel with extensive information on the design and printing services that the company offers.

Like most storeBlox 2 sites, Print Synergies couldn’t squeeze their business into the “template” that so many other industry solutions force distributors into — the need to prominently feature design and print solutions mandated either a custom site or a very flexible e-commerce platform. That’s where storeBlox 2 comes in.

Print Synergies also planned to launch with an SEO strategy with very specific performance requirements. In the process of interviewing nearly half a dozen SEO firms for the campaigns, Print Synergies had each firm vet all the e-commerce platforms they were considering. Once again, storeBlox 2 came out in front. With both manual and automated SEO capabilities, storeBlox 2 is the only industry solution for distributors and suppliers who are serious about search engine optimization.

With special attention to existing branding standards, we developed a unique look and feel for Print Synergies, carrying through corporate colors, typefaces and existing branding, while delivering a completely new online experience for the company. It’s quite a nice upgrade. Check it out at

New storeBlox CS Feature: Global Approvers

Let’s say you want to require approvals for certain payment methods in your company store – for instance, when a buyer wants to use a purchase order instead of a credit card – but the user account isn’t already in place. Previously, the only way you could enforce approvals on payment methods was to set up the buyers and assign approvers to them.

Global Approver Feature for storeBlox CS

Global Approvers can approve any user for specific payment methods

No more. Now with storeBlox CS, you can make any payment method require approval for any user at all – no need to set up user accounts and approvers. If you need specific users and assigned approvers – say, Jenny in Sales needs all her purchases against a marketing budget approved – you’ll still want to use the standard method. But if you just want to make sure that anyone who comes to the store and wants to use a purhcase order goes through an approval process, then this new feature is for you!