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Press-Ready Web-to-Print Now Available

Business cards, postcards, sell sheets and any other kind of printed collateral can now be added to your company store!

Web-to-print screens Complete support for any type of print document:

  • Single and multipage
  • All fonts supported
  • Any graphics application that supports PDF export (Adobe inDesign, Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, and more)
  • Press-ready files using the PDF format of your choice, including PDF x1a

Simple management: Print fields managed in Adobe Acrobat using the PDFLib plugin (available for both Windows and Mac).

Just add fields or convert a document with existing fields easily. Required field validation and field length supported using the plugin.

Web to Print screen 2

webBlox management: Simple management of files and fonts in webBlox. Upload PDFs, analyze files for fonts, and upload fonts all in one simple interface.

Web to Print Management

Ready to check it out? Try the demo site right now, or hit us up for a walkthrough or free custom demo!

Print Synergies launch

Print Synergies storeBlox 2 web site home page

Print Synergies storeBlox 2 e-commerce site

eBlox is happy to announce the launch of Print Synergies, a storeBlox 2 web site for the Carrollton, TX promotional products distributor and printer. brings together a carefully-selected catalog of promotional products and apparel with extensive information on the design and printing services that the company offers.

Like most storeBlox 2 sites, Print Synergies couldn’t squeeze their business into the “template” that so many other industry solutions force distributors into — the need to prominently feature design and print solutions mandated either a custom site or a very flexible e-commerce platform. That’s where storeBlox 2 comes in.

Print Synergies also planned to launch with an SEO strategy with very specific performance requirements. In the process of interviewing nearly half a dozen SEO firms for the campaigns, Print Synergies had each firm vet all the e-commerce platforms they were considering. Once again, storeBlox 2 came out in front. With both manual and automated SEO capabilities, storeBlox 2 is the only industry solution for distributors and suppliers who are serious about search engine optimization.

With special attention to existing branding standards, we developed a unique look and feel for Print Synergies, carrying through corporate colors, typefaces and existing branding, while delivering a completely new online experience for the company. It’s quite a nice upgrade. Check it out at