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storeBlox CS Complete Feature List

Product Presentation Back to Top
ConfigurationsCustomers can easily choose product color, sizes, decoration, personalization and packaging options available during the ordering process.
Simple Product PageIf a product has no attributes, pricing attributes, art upload or JSON options then display the quantity fields on the product page. When the user hits “Add to Cart” on the product page the item will go directly into the cart and by page the configuration page.
Colors & lifestyle imagesThe storeBloxCS product configurator provides unlimited images of color options and lifestyle images.
Tabbed product interfaceTabbed product interface provides an at-a-glance view of product details within a single screen.
Price gridsstoreBloxCS includes comprehensive support for column-based pricing. There is no practical limitation on the number of columns or rows supported.
Inventory levelsView real-time inventory levels of items during browsing and at the time of purchase. Set product-specific backorders and inventory warning notifications.
Simple Product ModelDecrease amount of time to setup simple products with limited or no options.
SEO Friendly URLsSEO URLs for Categories and Products
Quote Request featureQuote Request feature
Non-orderable flagProducts can be made non-orderable which prevents adding them to the shopping cart
Social media sharingSocial media links which can be configured in store features
Product Change LogProduct Change Log viewable through webblox product to show history of udpates to a product
Product publishing processProduct publishing process allows for the creation of items via process of draft, review and publish workflow.
Products can be set as tax exemptProducts can be set as tax exempt
Art Uploadart upload option can be enabled to allow users to upload an image when they configure the product
Product sorting within category managementAllows for the sorting/ordering of how products will appear in the category listing page.
Quantity RestrictionsThis restricts what quantity options are available for a product by using a dropdown menu for quantity selection.
Product CarouselsIf enabled, New & Featured products now apear on the home page in a modern carousel function.
Product Category ListingProducts on the category listing can be presented in multiple options. Also, we have added badges to new and on-sale products in listings. Added options for price range and color groups filters in listing.
Product Attributes Back to Top
Pricing AttributesPricing attributes provide configurable options for additional price markup of an item.
Imprint colorsAdd additional imprint colors and charge for each additional color per item
SetupsSetup charges for screen printing or embroidery charges
Rush ChargesAdd rush charges for rush drop ship orders.
PackagingCharge by item for poly-bagging or special gift boxes.
Non-pricing AttributesNon-pricing attributes provide configurable options on a product in addition to color and size. These types of attributes add no additional cost to a product. Attributes can be used for logo options, decoration location, etc. can be configured to be drop down or radio options
LogosLogo options can be added to an item and the customer can view the images of each logo option.
Product OptionsConfiguration options such as item component colors.
LocationsA location attribute can be customized to support decoration location.
Role Based Back to Top
Role-based discountsSet discounts based on customer role for a single product or the entire store. These discounts can be based on a customer price level association or their email domain name.
Role-based access to order approvalA store customer can be designated as an approver that allows the user to login to view and process any orders awaiting approval. Approvers are also sent email notifications once an order requiring approval is submitted.
Role-based access to webBloxSet up users to only view certain areas of the webBlox administrative control panel, such as reports. Take advantage of the existing roles or have eBlox customize a role to meet your needs.
Group Management Back to Top
Invitation Codes/URLsInvite customers to the site and enforce account creation through an invitation code/url. The group URL will drop a cookie on the users computer to track their group association. Or, once the customer has created an account, they will be associated to the appropriate group and granted access to their specific categories, products and payment methods.
Category/Product AccessUse groups to grant access to certain categories and products.
Payment Method AccessSpecific payment methods can also be assigned to groups.
Group Assigned BudgetsCustomers within a group can utilize group budgets as a payment method.
Layout and Compatibility Back to Top
CSS-basedCascading Style Sheet (CSS) layout enables unlimited customization options. CSS may be updated by editing the CSS layout templated loaded in webBlox. Administrators also have the option of creating their own custom CSS or loading the CSS from an external location. This provides the ability to update font colors, background colors and much more. There are 7 total pre-defined CSS base templates to choose from. All are responsive design to adjust to the device for a given user.
Compatible with all browsersModern, responsive and compliant CSS and XHMTL
Shipping Back to Top
Real Time Sales Tax CalculationIntegration with a web service that provides real-time sales tax rates from local tax authorites to ensure the correct tax amount is being applied to an order.
Shipping & Handling Order ThresholdsThis adds the ability at the store level to set an order amount that needs to be exceeded for free shipping to apply to an order. A separate control allows for the same feature for handling fees on an order.
Realtime FedEx and UPSThe storeBloxCS platform is integrated with UPS and FedEx service to provide real time shipping quotes based on ship to location, the originating shipping location and the order weight. Markups/markdowns to the published rates can also be added.
FedEx and UPS Service SelectorNot only can the storeBloxCS platform integrate with UPS and FedEx, store administrators can determine which of the services they want to provide from FedEx and UPS.
Free Shipping Promotion by ProductAs a promotion, you may want to offer free shipping on an item. This features helps to implement those special types of promotions.
Unlimited custom shipping methodsAdd as many custom shipping methods as needed. These methods can be used along with the real time FedEx and UPS integration or as a standalone shipping method. These methods are based on order totals and their associated cost.
Vendor location based shippingUses the vendor address for each product to determin shipping charges from each vendor associated to a product. The store then provides total shipping costs for each vendor shipment. This is used wih real-time freight rates with UPS and FedEx
Optional threshold for handling feeAdd a threshold for when handling fees will be applied
Optional threshold for free shippingAdd a threshold for when free shipping will apply to an order.
Payment Method Back to Top
Order approval routingIf your client wants to review orders before they are fulfilled, the approval process can forward emails to an assigned approver for review and processing. Approvers can be assigned at the user, group and store level. This feature also includes the option for dollar threshold based approvals for custom payment methods.
Credit cardsRealtime credit card processing to ensure that the funds are available on a customer’s credit card at time of purchase.
Support all major internet payment gatewaysThe storeBloxCS platform integrates with all major payment gateways like Payflow Pro,, USA ePay and many more.
Unlimited custom payment methodsAdd payment methods in addition to our standard methods. These can be labeled as needed for cost centers, location codes, employee numbers, etc.
Purchase OrdersUse purchase order numbers so that customers can request to be invoiced for their orders.
Gift CertifcatesCustomers can be given unique gift certificates codes with an expiration date. These codes are entered during the checkout process and if they are valid will apply the amount of the certificate to an order. If any of the certificate is unused, the balance will remain until it is completely spent. Gift certificates can also be used with credit cards, points and coupons as payment methods.
CouponsCoupons can be created as a dollar amount or a percentage. They can also include a minimum order amount and expiration date. A store administrator can also determine if a coupon can be used once or multiple times by a customer.
Points ProgramsA storeBloxCS store can be setup as a Points store. If a customer has a points balance available, they will be given the option to use the points balance as a payment method. Points may also be used with credit cards, coupons and gift certifcates.
User-assigned budgetsCustomers can be setup with pre-determined spending limits on the site through a user budget.
No payment methodAllows for a store to skip the payment method page for those prgrams that do not need a payment method for the order.
Shopping Cart Back to Top
Saved addressesCustomer shipping and billing addresses can be added, deleted and modified thorugh the shopping cart process.
Multiple payment method applicationPayment methods can be combined for one single order.
Guest user checkout processThis feature allows users to place orders on the store without creating an account.
Unlimited custom fieldsCustom fields are designed to collect and store additional data during the order process and account creation. An unlimited amount of fields can be created and assigned to the account creation process, the shipping page and the payment method page. Custom Fields can now be text fields or drop-down values.
Management Back to Top
Branding and Design There are
CSS-level layout controlThe CSS can be updated by editing the CSS layout templated loaded in webBlox. Administrators also have the option of creating their own custom CSS or loading the CSS from an external location. This provides the ability to update font colors, background colors and much more.
Simple to use templates and basic customizationTake advantage of design templates and customize images like the header and footer images through a simple upload process.
Custom domain supportstoreBloxCS can support and host custom domains and SSL certificates for secure transactions.
Static page managementThis feature allows for static content pages to be added to a store. Examples: Contact Us, Terms of Use, Security, Returns Policy, etc.
Banner managmentBanners can be added on the right hand navigation and across the top of the page. This supports JPG, GIF and Flash files that can be embedded into the page. Banner images can also be external and internal store links for promotional purposes. These banner slots can also rotate within each banner slot.
Copy Product Catalog FeatureAdded capability to choose any catalog for a new store. Upon making operational, it will be duplicated.
Reporting Back to Top
Transaction SummaryProvides order header detail along with total number of items.
Transaction DetailAll order details including order header information along with product details.
Points Transaction ReportComplete transaction history for points balances. The detail includes orders that reduced a points balance along with manual updates made to a customer’s point balance.
Product ActivitySummary of the product usage for all items ordered.
Inventory reportReal-time inventory levels of the store.
Inventory Valuation ReportCurrent value of all inventoried items.
Product Management Back to Top
Unlimited catalogs and categoriesCreate and maintain as many categories as desired. Unlimited sub-categories can also be managed within the store catalog. No practical limit to category depth.
Manage multiple product assignments at onceEasily associate products to categories from one management page.
Tabbed product managementManage all product information on a single tabbed screen.
Easy duplicationEasily duplicate an item to speed up the product creation process.
Color and size managementCreate and maintain color and size options through a global management tool. Once a size and/or color are created, it is available to all products in your catalog.
Inventory Management Back to Top
Custom SKU supportThis features provides tha ability to assign a custom SKU to an item with various options.
Automatic SKU genearationUnique item SKUs are generated from the product number, color and size options.
Inventory transaction tracking for online and offline transactionsThe inventory transaction tracking provides history for inventory adjustments. The detail includes orders that reduced inventory along with manual inventory updates made to a item.
Inventory valuation managementAssign a dollar value to each inventory unit.
Order Management Back to Top
Track ordersCustomers can monitor order status and review tracking information via the order history section once they have logged into their account.
MessagingAs a store administrator makes updates to orders they can send and maintain messages with the order and send to the customer for order updates.
Approval/Rejection with messagingUsers that are assigned as approvers have the ability to approve and reject orders awaiting approval. This feature also provides a means through which the approver can add a message to let customer know their order has been approved and any other additional details entered by the approver.
Email notificationEmail notification or orders to the administrator. Can support multiple email addresses to be notified.
Re-order CapabilityUsers can easily re-order items from a previous order via a button in the order details of the “Order History”
Supply Chain Management Back to Top
Vendor managementManage contact information and notification options for both drop ship vendors and warehousing/fulfillment vendors. Orders with both drop-ship and inventory items generate the appropriate emails to each vendor automatically.
Purchase OrdersAutomatically generate purchase orders to drop-ship suppliers and decorators.
Pick/Pack SlipsAutomatically generate packing slips/pick slips to fulfillment houses, warehouses, or your own internal fulfillment operation for inventory products.
Site Management Back to Top
Multiple site managementA simple drop down allows for easy navigation to individual store details.
User and role managementThe user management feature gives the store administrator the ability to add, edit and delete users accounts while at the same time they can assign roles and groups to a user account. “Login As” feature allows an admin to login as a given user without revealing their password.
Site access controlsSet closed (login required) or open access to the site. This feature also controls if the site requires account creation to complete an order.
Other Management Back to Top
SearchSearch on product name, product number and product description. Auto-suggest Search feature available on the store front.
Report Exports to CSV filesAll reports can be exported to a CSV file. This provides for analysis of data offline.
Email ManagementCustomize content in emails title, subject and header/footer content
Coupon creationCreate coupons codes with percentage or dollar amount. Start date and expiration date can also be assigned to the coupon code. A minimum order amount for the coupon to be applied is another option.
Ability to create multiple gift certificates at one timeBulk load git certificate codes via one screen and then export to Excel file for distribution to users.
Store level free ground shipping optionOption to set up all products on the store for free ground shipping from one option instead of having to mark all products for free shipping.
Real-time sales tax serviceCalculate tax in real-time with this option at the zip code level of the customer shippoing address.
Home page banner rotationUpload multiple banners int one banner slot and the site will automatically rotate the banners every 5 seconds.
Budget creation/managementBudget Funds may be added / removed from budgets and all transaction history is maintained.
Budget transaction history can be exported to a CSV file.
Budgets may be assigned using groups.
Budgets may be assigned to all users.
Password strengthSet weak, medium or strong password requirements for user accounts.
Email domain restrictionsrestrict account creation by email domain.
Category ordering/sortingability to sort/order how categories are listed in the left navigation
Google Analytics SupportSite supports integration with Google Analytics tools for site activity reporting
Points history to user record for points storesDetail provided at the user level to show their points balance have been adjusted by date range.
User import featureUsers can be imported via the system with the user upload template to bulk load user accounts
Custom shipping integration point Back to Top
Global purchase approverAssign a store level approver instead of at the user level
Points import toolAllows for user points balance adjustments in bulk load
Display point/budget balance optionpoints balance / budget balance displayed when users logon
Coupons / Gift Certificate labelAbility to specify the Coupons / Gift Certificate label
Web-based File ManagementstoreBlox CS now has one place for you to upload, edit and manage all your files. We’ve also made it super easy to get the URL of an uploaded file to paste it into static pages, product descriptions or anywhere else you want it. This feature supports web based image formats and PDF file for size charts and anything else you want to upload.
Loyalty MarketingRe-order reminders. Followup emails. Surveys. Stay in touch with your customers and create repeat business. Loyalty marketing emails allow you to schedule a sequence of automated emails after an important event (either registration, placing an order or an abandoned cart).