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Online Marketing

Reality check: SEM (search engine marketing) and SEO (search engine optimization) for promotional products and apparel is challenging. Thousands of companies like yours offer the same products. Many are well-established online businesses; others have advertising budgets that you can’t possibly match. How do you stand out from the crowd?


That’s where eBlox online marketing services come in. At eBlox, we understand the unique needs of promotional products and apparel distributors. Competition for clicks is fierce, but our expertise inSEO/SEM for promotional products and apparel is unmatched. In fact, we wrote a book on it.


eBlox will tune your online marketing and search strategy to generate high-quality lead volume. In fact, we might even help you refine your go-to-market strategy online, as we have done for many customers.

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Ready to explore our online marketing services? It all starts with a phone call to discuss your goals. Fill out the details below or call 512-867-1001, ext 104 today!

SEM/SEO Services:

Quality content creation is no longer optional – it’s a requirement for any SEO program, and it must be carried out on an ongoing basis. eBlox copywriters are experts in content creation for regular on-site content, targeted landing pages, and external content platforms like blogs. Content creation and management services include:

  • Copywriting
  • Blog publishing
  • Landing page copy
  • Category and product copy

Site management: With an SEO/SEM friendly platform like storeBlox Distributor, we optimize your on-site content for better ranking performance.
Data strategies: A core content problem for promotional products and apparel is the commodity status of the product data itself – it’s all largely the same. Our tactics ensure that search engines see your products as unique from all the other ones out there.

Pay per click: Best-practice campaign creation and keyword research deliver superior leads every time. All campaigns start with a broad variety of ad variations and keywords and are rapidly refined to the highest converting combinations.
Pay per click services include:

  • Campaign, ad group creation
  • Bid management
  • Ad copywriting and variations
  • Keyword optimization
  • Ad quality analysis and optimization
  • Retargeting

Optimization and Management: The downfall of most online advertising campaigns is a lack of ongoing optimization and management. Unfortunately, pay-per-click, affiliate marketing and other forms of online advertising are not “set it and forget it”. eBlox provides expert optimization and management on an ongoing basis – we’ll even diagnose and fix your existing campaigns.

It all starts with keywords Common keywords for industry products can be prohibitively expensive for both organic SEO (high cost of content and link generation) and pay-per-click (cost per click is extremely high). We find the keywords that generate quality leads without breaking the bank.
Keyword strategies include:

  • Competition opportunities
  • Long tail
  • Local
  • Business focus
  • Seasonal

eBlox uses industry-leading tools for keyword analysis and opportunity generation. We’ll find new opportunities for you and help you perform better in places where you already have focus.

eBlox landing page optimization and A/B testing services not only result in higher conversion rates, but alsoreduce the cost per click (CPC) of your online advertising campaigns. In addition to optimizing existing landing pages for keyword density and other SEO factors, eBlox will assist you in identifying additional landing page opportunities for products and keywords that you may have missed. And when you’re ready to deploy those landing pages, we can split test them to see which variations garner the most conversions.
Examples of A/B testing:

  • Test different headlines on a pay-per-click landing page to see which one results in more time-on-site
  • Test different “Add to Cart” button colors to see which results in the most conversions
  • Try different product mixes to see what kind of selection results in a lower bounce rate

Lead Quality Assurance: A common problem with SEM/SEO-based lead generation is low lead quality – a lot of “tire kickers” who don’t buy. With our optimization services, we ensure the best possible targeting and shopping experience. The result? Lower bounce rates, higher time on site, and more conversions.

analytics-report Analytics for promotional products and apparel e-commerce can be a tricky task – conversions come in a variety of forms, many of them offline. With proper configuration, analytics can give you incredible insight into your marketing and SEOefforts. Without proper configuration, they’re often a nightmare of meaningless numbers. With a professional Analytics setup, a business owner really can “sit back” and get a high-level view via automated reports.

eBlox Analytics services include:

  • Best practice View configuration
  • Goal and channel building
  • Automated reporting
  • Custom dashboards
  • E-commerce ROI analytics

SEO Tracking: SEO is ongoing, dynamic process that changes as search providers modify their algorithms and competitors enter and exit the market. eBlox provides detailed position tracking for you and your competitors over time, so that you can modify your strategy and tactics as situations develop.

eBlox specializes in a consultative relationship that looks at your online business as a whole. Unlike manySEO/SEM firms, we don’t believe in churning out scattershot links and content and hoping for ranking improvements that don’t actually result in sales. If a rank change doesn’t translate into real dollars, it isn’t generating ROI. Our strategic marketing services include:

  • Product/Service Tuning: It’s tempting to think that you can compete with the big players for common product searches – you might be very successful with a broad product mix in your offline sales channels and expect that to translate directly online. In reality, it’s often best to tune your online business to areas where you can compete effectively without going broke, and then build customer relationships from that basis.
  • Precision Strategy If you’ve read our SEO eBook, you’ve seen strategies that help many online sellers generate more lead volume. When you access our deep expertise in local SEM/SEOgeo-targetinglong-tail, and cross selling, you’ll experience a whole new level of targeted marketing that drives high-quality leads to your site.
  • Cross-selling Strategies We’re big fans of getting visitors to your site any way you can, then keeping them there with cross-selling tools. eBlox will demonstrate (and build, if desired) cross-selling techniques that increase conversion rates.

Loyalty Marketing: Customer retention is vital in competitive markets with commodity products. We’ll show you how to build effective retention programs using a variety of media and offers. Be aggressive about acquiring customers; be even more aggressive about keeping them.

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