Professional Services

eBlox is an experienced provider of development, integration and consulting services for enterprises that employ business-critical web architectures. More businesses turn to web-based services every day for critical applications, and the challenges of integrating modern web services with legacy applications, vendors, and the entire supply chain require a partner with experience, brains, and creativity. Since 1999, eBlox has designed and developed integrated solutions for businesses of all sizes. We create connections that work for your business.

Integrating with Integrity

eBlox has driven XML-based integration through its own e-commerce platforms for over a decade. Our diverse experience with legacy accounting, MRP/ERP and middleware systems provides unparalleled expertise in integration formats and transport methods. With a tool chest that includes both open-source and proprietary tools and methodologies, eBlox is able to design and rapidly prototype integration solutions. With a broad knowledge of available technologies and interfaces, we can tell you – before you’ve committed to a strategy – when an export to a legacy desktop accounting package might be a bigger time sink than a full-blown integration with a modern ERP solution.

E-commerce without pain

For too many businesses, e-commerce is an add-on to an existing strategy. Rife with its own headaches and shortcomings, e-commerce also creates transactions outside the realm of existing accounting or order entry systems, and that’s where the real inefficiency begins. Integration is the obvious solution, but far too many integration projects are expensive, error-ridden and, ultimately, frustrating for the administrators who have to manually audit regularly to ensure the system is working.

Integration is much like creating a cross-country journey using two (or often more) roadmaps that don’t always match up. They might even be full of gaps or in different languages. Ultimately, your guide on that journey should be someone who knows the terrain – someone who can fill in the gaps and understands where the potholes and dead ends lie. eBlox brings experience and critical analysis to the integration process, reducing risk and saving you money.

Solutions tailored to your needs

eBlox is an experienced developer of e-commerce and web technology – creating solutions for industries ranging from promotional products to work force development to restaurant management. Our team develops large scale, custom applications for enterprises and builds highly flexible platforms for affordable small- and mid-sized business solutions. Because our development methodologies maximize flexibility and scalability, eBlox customers can expand their applications over time, often without significant development cost.

eBlox applications can be developed as stand alone solutions or integrated with existing systems to allow customers to draw upon the rich data already available within their enterprises. We can also develop middleware applications that integrate web-based and legacy systems to help customers avoid costly hardware and software upgrades.