storeBlox CS Demo Stores

storeBlox CS Demo Stores

Desert Palms

Retail/Hospitality (Standard)

Blue Flower Bistro

Retail/Hospitality (Standard)

People's Health System

Points/Rewards Store (Pro)

Globocon Holiday Store

Popup/Flash Store

Modern Living

Company Store (Standard)

Motion Bus

Uniform Store (Popup/Standard)

storeBlox CS company stores come in a variety of flavors, so we’ve put together a comprehensive list of demo stores for your perusal. These are all fake companies, so feel free to play around in these “sandboxes” as much as you want. Besides the company stores, reward stores and flash/popup stores you see here, we also build custom company stores to reflect your customer’s exact branding and functional requirements. If you’re interested in a custom company or reward/points store, just drop us a line or smash that chat button and we’ll be happy to set up a demo for you.

These demos are free to use for your customer presentations, but as always, if you need a demo just for your customer (with their logo and colors and all that neat stuff) we build those for free. Fill out our custom demo request form and we’ll take care of you lickety-split.