Top Property Manager Gifts for your 2023 Redemption Stores

Whether you’re a returning reader or joining us for the first time, welcome to our series on hot gifts for your holiday redemption company stores. If you missed our last two blogs, be sure to check them out for more corporate gifting redemption store ideas (and don’t forget our informative “ABCs” series on redemption stores). Lately, we’ve been talking about how tricky an industry can be. This one is not so tricky but many could say that it’s an uncredited one. The housing and accommodation industry.

You don’t have to be a property or real estate manager to hear daily discussions about the “I” word. I’ll give you a sec. Starts with an “I” and ends with “nflation.” It hasn’t been an easy year for anyone in the housing industry. Hopefully we can help you delight them.

As a brand marketer, you don’t only pay attention to demographics but you also make a note of when you age out of one. I remember talking in a conference room about a target age bracket of 25-29 and thinking whoa, I’m over 30…I’m not in that group anymore. That’s ok – there’s always a gift for everyone.

Why all the “age group” talk? The housing industry is heavily dominated by the 25-44 age bracket.  These groups have a strong influence on fashion, music, and digital trends. They are early adopters of new technologies and can set trends in social media, online culture, and sustainable living. This gives us priceless insight into the gifts they’re likely to value the most.

What are the trending gift categories for the housing industry?

What can we put into the hands of social media influencers that will break the internet? We’ll put our money where the numbers are.

Housing Industry Influencer gifts for redemption stores

Don’t worry, we’ve got the items for you. But before we go any further, we should also mention that this industry tends to be a little more budget-conscious. Not to worry; we’ve got the perfect budget-friendly gifts for your FREE demo redemption store.

Stanley Legendary Camp Mug 12 oz

While the wildly popular (and widely seen on social media) 40 oz guzzler – which holds enough liquid to fill a bathtub – starts at $50, you can set your eyes on this OG-style mug just in time for cooler weather and campfires, starting at just $27. #StanleyCup #StanleyCupReview #FYP

Yes, it’s Cotopaxi again. But did you know they were founded as a Certified B Corp? These durable packs are what thought leaders are looking for when it comes to a sustainably built product.

Beebop™ Wireless Headphones

Do you know how many calls a day the average property manager makes? Let’s just say statistics vary widely. But between tenant inquiries, maintenance repairs, leasing, vacancies, financial matters, etc. – that sounds like one busy schedule. One that desperately needs some noise-canceling, hands-free calls. You’re just one call away from hitting the mark… pun intended.

Can’t wait to find out more? Reach out to us today to help kickstart your holiday sales goals. Want to know more about Redemption Stores? Check out our ABCs of Redemption Stores.