Blog: August 2016

Sassy new templates!

Our most frequent request isn’t for a cool feature or a whiz-bang tool—it’s for more design variety. That’s right: we give our customers the best features in the world and all they want is more eye candy. Can’t win ‘em all.

Except for this week—we’re pleased to announce a whole new series of fabulous template designs for your storeBlox CS company stores.

New template designs for your company store

We’ve made some cool improvements, including support for hundreds of new fonts and a streamlined method for changing theme colors.

What’s that you said? Yes, that’s right: you can change theme colors to your heart’s content. Don’t like that purple? Push it over the edge to a deep eggplant-y color! That orange a tad too bright for your client to swallow? Tone it down to something a little more tangerine!

The same goes for fonts. If that sans-serif “Lato” font is a bit too, um, *modern* for the board’s stodgy tastes, restore order and confidence with a much more conservative choice like PT Serif or Crimson. Sky’s the limit! (Well, really, it’s about 850 or so fonts, but that’s probably enough.)

Ready to check out the snazzy new duds or try them out on your company store? Give us a shout today!

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