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Order Snapshot and Approval Thresholds

We’ll keep this one brief: We’ve just added a groovy order overview to your dashboard when you log in to manage your company store. Whether your store is high-volume or just gets a few orders per week, we think you’ll love this feature.

storeBlox CS Order Snapshot dashboard The new Order Snapshot shows you the ten most recent orders in your store. Now you don’t need to dig into Order Management to get a quick overview of your most recent orders. You can see order amounts, names and emails at a glance.

If you’re ready to take action on an order, just click “Go to Order Management” and you’ll be taken directly to manage your orders.

Approval Threshold

Also live this week in your store is a new approval feature: Approval Threshold. storeBlox CS has always had some of the most powerful order approval and routing features in the industry, including the ability to route individuals or groups to specific approvers and even trigger approvals by payment methods.

storeBlox CS Company Store approval threshold

Approval Threshold expands on this by enabling you to set a dollar value to require approval. Anything below the threshold will be processed as normal, but orders that exceed the threshold will be routed to an approver. That way small purchases can proceed without approval delay, but big orders will be routed for review.

You can set different threshold amounts for different payment methods (other than credit cards, which never require approval). Approval Threshold is live in your store today in the Payments tab.

storeBlox CS Tip: Import your customers into your email or CRM service

Did you know you can export your users and import them into an email or newsletter service, or even into a CRM (customer relationship management) package? It’s easy!

  1. webBlox: Manage UsersLog into your webBlox dashboard
  2. Select Manage Users
  3. Click Export Results as CSV File

That’s it! You’ll have a file you can open in Excel orimport into services like Constant Contact, Mailchimpor CRM packages like Salesforce, Highrise, Zoho or any others.

Need help with an export or import? Just give us a shout! Want more detail? Here ‘s a great video overview of managing users. Need to reverse the process? Contact us for assistance with User Imports!

Simple Configuration for storeBlox CS Products

Zero configuration graphic

Don't need configurations for simple products? Now you don't have to build them.

While storeBlox CS has unrivaled support for the complex product configurations that company stores often need – such as apparel colors and sizes – sometimes you need to set up a very simple product; say, a mug with one color and no options. We’ve made that much easier with simplified product configuration.

Instead of requiring the configuration of a single color, now when you create a product, we create a default configuration for you, eliminating an entire step in the process on simple products. That mug that took you two minutes to set up will now only take one. It’s a subtle improvement, to be sure, but one that we think will make a big difference in the time required to set up products in your company store.

Simple product configuration is now available on all stores. It’s backward-compatible with existing products, so you don’t have to make any changes to your current products to support it. Existing products with single configurations will remain that way, and new products with single configurations will have that configuration created automatically for you when you initially build the product – you never need to touch the Configurations tab for those products again.