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Searching for Answers

This post is from an upcoming issue of Identity Marketing magazine

Talk about a moving target. Every time I sit down to write a column about search engine optimization, the game changes right under my feet. Rules change, tactics get refined, best practices evolve and entire strategies become worthless or worse – even damaging. The dynamics of search engine optimization are exactly that: dynamic, sometimes beyond any rational comprehension.

We do quite a bit of search engine optimization for our customers these days, and it’s almost a full-time job staying on top of the latest strategies and tactics. For those customers who invest heavily in search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising, a dedicated expert is sometimes the best option, and we refer them to companies that focus exclusively on these areas. Their services are expensive, but their results are often impressive.

For the rest of our customers – and, I’m sure, for many of you – a little bit of basic optimization can go a long way. I’ve covered the basics of search engine optimization in a previous series in this magazine, and many of those methods continue to produce good results. For the next few posts, I’m going to revisit search engine optimization in light of current best practices and knowledge. No big secrets here or nefarious tactics – just the good stuff that works right now.


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Flash may now be indexed by Google and Yahoo

Adobe announced today that they are providing a method for the major search engines to index Flash content. eBlox has always recommended against extensive use of Flash for your site if you wish to be properly indexed and garner good search rankings. It looks like at least part of that problem is solved. We still recommend against using Flash for information-rich sites like e-commerce (it’s just too expensive to duplicate all that content for non-Flash users like mobile users) but for those of you with other sites that have mainly brochure-style content, this new method of crawling Flash sites might benefit you. Read a full writeup at TechCrunch here.

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