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Listing Detail Rollovers – New storeBlox 2 Feature

Listing Detail Rollovers screen shot

Rollovers show more detail at a glance

Want to give your customers quick access to product details while they’re searching and browsing? Listing Detail Rollovers show extensive product details just by moving the mouse over a product icon in search listings and product listings. Customers can view color options, full grid pricing and other details.

These rollovers automatically pull product details, so there’s no additional work for you to other than to define the details you want to see in the rollover. The rollovers will follow the existing visual style of your site, but will generally require a small amount of design and review before implementing. This feature can make the browsing experience much richer, especially for customers looking for particular colors or options. Try it out here!

Listing Rollovers are available for storeBlox 2 e-commerce platform customers right now! Just contact us for details.

Custom URLs

For those of you that really like to tweak your search engine indexing performance, storeBlox 2 now offers custom URL management for products. storeBlox has long had the capability of automatically generating keyword-based URLs derived from each product name. However, many of you would like to add keywords to the URL that you wouldn’t normally include in a product name.

Now, this is as simple as entering the segment of the URL path in webBlox:

Custom SEO URL Management in webBlox

Custom SEO URL Management in webBlox

Contact us with questions on implementing this feature.

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eBlox launches Mondo Tees

Mondo Tees homepageWe’re proud to announce the launch of Mondo Tees, a consumer e-commerce website specializing in movie-related apparel, posters, DVDs and collectibles.

Mondo Tees is operated by the fine folks at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, another great Austin company. showcases two great strengths of storeBlox: Complete design customization and apparel management. eBlox also built a JavaScript-based dynamic image slider for the homepage that loads thumbnails for all the products in the site and then allows a visitor to quickly scroll through them.

eBlox also developed custom listing styles for categories and searches, and used the storeBlox Banner Management system for rotation of header images on every page load.

The result? A dynamic, appealing merchandise site with a lot of visual “wow!” Check it out!