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Link Management – New storeBlox 2 Feature

Static Page Manager screen shot

Static Page Management

You told us you loved our Static Page Manager in storeBlox 2, which lets you create and maintain your own non-dynamic web pages on your site, but many of you have also requested that the management of external links be included in the same area, since you might want to add off-site links or non-managed page links to your navigation bar.

Wait no more! This fall we’re adding link management to the static page manager, as well as separate management of top, left and bottom navigation. Your navigation may require some changes to support this new feature, so contact us if you’d like it added to your storeBlox 2 e-commerce site.

More storeBlox 2 SEO Improvements

You already know that storeBlox 2 is unrivaled in SEO features for promotional/wearables e-commerce. We’re making it even better this fall. This month we’re rolling out category and subcategory SEO URL auto-generation with manual overrides. You’ll be able to have true hierarchical, keyword-rich URLs for all your product categories, subcategories, catalogs and catalog categories, either automatically (based on existing titles) or via a manual overrirde (in case you want to get more relevant keywords).

What does all this mean? You can have URLs that look like this:

Or even like this:

We’ll be tweaking the implementation over the next few weeks, so feel free to give us feedback. Contact us if you’d like this implemented on your storeBlox 2 site.

CAPTCHA for Forms – New storeBlox 2 Option

CAPTCHA screen shot

CAPTCHAs can help reduce spam form submissions

Are you getting spam form submissions on your storeBlox 2 website? Quote requests from random users in Russia? You might need CAPTCHA for your web forms. A CAPTCHA tool helps prevent spam by forcing a visitor to re-type visual information.

eBlox can install CAPTCHA on your problematic web forms to help prevent automated submissions. Please note that even CAPTCHAs are not foolproof, so while they tend to reduce spam submissions, they rarely completely eliminate them. Before you add CAPTCHA to your site, you should also be aware that, because CAPTCHAs do take time to fill out, they can sometimes result in abandonment by legitimate users. We recommend them only when spam form submissions have become unmanageable.

CAPTCHAs are available now for all storeBlox 2 customers. Contact us for more information.