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New storeBlox CS Feature: Global Approvers

Let’s say you want to require approvals for certain payment methods in your company store – for instance, when a buyer wants to use a purchase order instead of a credit card – but the user account isn’t already in place. Previously, the only way you could enforce approvals on payment methods was to set up the buyers and assign approvers to them.

Global Approver Feature for storeBlox CS

Global Approvers can approve any user for specific payment methods

No more. Now with storeBlox CS, you can make any payment method require approval for any user at all – no need to set up user accounts and approvers. If you need specific users and assigned approvers – say, Jenny in Sales needs all her purchases against a marketing budget approved – you’ll still want to use the standard method. But if you just want to make sure that anyone who comes to the store and wants to use a purhcase order goes through an approval process, then this new feature is for you!

Art Upload in storeBlox CS

storeBlox CS Art Upload screenshot

Customers can now upload art with an order on storeBlox CS

Need to collect art files from customers during the ordering process? storeBlox CS now offers the option to enable art file uploads when a customer adds a product to their cart. If you’re accepting custom, drop-ship orders in your store and need to collect art files, you can now enable this feature in your store by visiting webBlox and doing the following:

1. Click on Site Administration in the left navigation
2. Click on Store directly underneath
3. Click the Features tab at the top of the window
4. Check the “Allow customers to upload artwork for orders” box

That’s it! This will add the Art Upload button to your shopping cart configuration pages, and you can easily retrieve the art either through the order listing in webBlox or via a link in every order email.

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Keyword-optimized URLs for storeBlox CS product pages

SEO (search engine optimization) is the practice of building a site so that it ranks well in search results. While this is often not a high priority for company stores – they frequently have limited, focused audiences – we like to deliver the best possbile technology for our customers. Therefore, we’ve implemented a new feature to automatically create keyword-optimized URLs for your storeBlox CS company store.

The standard (old) product URL for storeBlox CS looks like this:

New URLS now include keywords generated automatically from the product’s actual name:

Don’t worry – all your old URLs will still work. The new URLs work alongside the old ones, but your site will immediately benefit from the new URLs every time a new page is generated by storeBlox CS.