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What the heck is a punchout company store?

If you haven’t yet, you’re probably going to get an RFP or RFQ from a big customer that requires a company store with punch out (or “PunchOut”) capability. What exactly is a punch out store anyway? And why should you care?

A lot of large corporations use procurement software to control how goods are purchased. If you’re in the marketing department at one of these companies and you need to buy some pens, you log in to these systems —Ariba, Coupa, SAP, Oracle or one of many others—and place your order in there.

The primary advantage of these systems is controlling cost. They manage budgets, limit spending and try to make the purchasing process as efficient as possible. However, they don’t do things that some e-commerce stores can do, and that’s where the “punchout” comes in.

Punch Out Company Stores When you build a company store for a customer, it often contains complex products like apparel that will be decorated with one or more company logos, name drops or other customizations (all of which are easy to setup in storeBlox CS, of course!). Instead of configuring and buying these products in one of these applications, a punchout allows the buyer to temporarily exit to buy these goods in your company store—which can handle all that decoration a lot more easily—then pushes the transactions back into the procurement system.

If it sounds complex, it is! There are a lot of moving parts, but the good news is that storeBlox CS supports punchouts with nearly every major system using the cXML standard.

At eBlox, we’re pros with punchouts, so if you’ve got an opportunity and need some help answering questions, digging into technical details or building a punchout strategy for your customer or prospect, give us a shout!

Announcement: Upgraded Dashboard

If you’ve ever spent any time in our webBlox Management System – or dashboard, or control panel, or whatever you like to call the place where you manage you products, reports, users and everything else – you’ll be excited to learn that we just launched a massive upgrade to the look and feel of it.

In fact, we’re not even calling it “webBlox” anymore – we’ve been in business for 15 years, and those kinds of terms tend to stick around, but we’re finally retiring it. We now just refer to it as the “dashboard” or “admin.” We reckoned that there wasn’t much point in having a separate brand for the place you control the site versus the site itself. Seemed, well, kinda silly.

So, the next time you log in to manage your storeBlox company store or website, you’ll be greeted with a brand new appearance:

New company store e-commerce dashboard

Neat, modern, clean, easy – these are the characteristics we were shooting for when we redesigned the storeBlox CS admin interface. We hope we’ve accomplished it, but if you have any feedback about the new look, please feel free to drop us a line!

If you’re not currently a storeBlox CS customer, don’t forget that we have great offers for customers switching from other providers. Look for more upgrades rolling out in the next few months!

storeBlox CS Tip: Import your customers into your email or CRM service

Did you know you can export your users and import them into an email or newsletter service, or even into a CRM (customer relationship management) package? It’s easy!

  1. webBlox: Manage UsersLog into your webBlox dashboard
  2. Select Manage Users
  3. Click Export Results as CSV File

That’s it! You’ll have a file you can open in Excel orimport into services like Constant Contact, Mailchimpor CRM packages like Salesforce, Highrise, Zoho or any others.

Need help with an export or import? Just give us a shout! Want more detail? Here ‘s a great video overview of managing users. Need to reverse the process? Contact us for assistance with User Imports!