Art Upload in storeBlox CS

storeBlox CS Art Upload screenshot

Customers can now upload art with an order on storeBlox CS

Need to collect art files from customers during the ordering process? storeBlox CS now offers the option to enable art file uploads when a customer adds a product to their cart. If you’re accepting custom, drop-ship orders in your store and need to collect art files, you can now enable this feature in your store by visiting webBlox and doing the following:

1. Click on Site Administration in the left navigation
2. Click on Store directly underneath
3. Click the Features tab at the top of the window
4. Check the “Allow customers to upload artwork for orders” box

That’s it! This will add the Art Upload button to your shopping cart configuration pages, and you can easily retrieve the art either through the order listing in webBlox or via a link in every order email.

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