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Enhanced company store product filtering

storeBlox Company Store Price and Color FilteringSometimes your customer may be looking for something specific – not just a polo, but a blue polo. Or a polo that fits within a specific budget. They can now do all that and more with new color and price filtering enhancements to storeBlox CS.

Now your customers can narrow down their choices in any listing  by product color and/or specific budget. Hunting around for a Turquoise t-shirt and tired of clicking on every item in apparel to find it? Color filtering shows the colors available for the list of products currently being viewed. Now it’s crazy easyto find the item in the color you want.

Price filtering lets customers set their price ranges to the penny, and they can combine them with color filtering to find that special item that satisfies their Goldilocks needs!

Plus: Shopping Cart Conversion Tracking

If you use Google’s Adwords or other ad networks to drive customers to your company store, you can now track all the details of purchase conversion. This enables true ROI (return on investment) tracking of your advertising efforts, by transmitting the order amount back to the ad network:

storeBlox Company Store Adwords tracking code

The new feature includes a variable that can be inserted in any snippet of conversion tracking code, so this can be used with any ad network or analytics tool that tracks shopping cart conversions. It’s easy to put your ad network’s tracking code into the dashboard, but if you need help, just call us!

Under the Hood Improvements

Web sites aren’t perfect, and occasionally they produce errors. In an effort to make the company store experience more robust, we’ve introduced a new automated, detailed error reporting system into storeBlox CS for 2017 that will allow us to track down those pesky problems and squash them even faster than before.

All these features are in your store, right now! Need help or a tutorial? Give us a shout today!

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eBlox launches

eBlox is proud to announce the launch of, a top 50 promotional products and apparel distributor headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. is a completely new web presence that showcases new features and technology for Leaderpromos’ clients, which includes top companies like Starbucks, Intel, Zappos and many others.

“Leaderpromos challenged us to create cutting-edge technology to help their clients discover and save products more easily,” noted eBlox CEO Brent Buford. “Our developers built new tools like the Idea Board and Sample Bag that take the friction out of these processes and encourage new ways of interacting.” homepage on storeBlox

First among these innovations is the Idea Board, a proactive tool that enables seamless, one-click saving of products for projects. Always just a click away in a floating tab on the site, Idea Boards can be shared with colleagues instantly or printed for presentations.

In addition, eBlox streamlined the sample ordering process for so that any number of samples can be ordered with a minimum of clicks. No login is required and sample ordering and management is consolidated onto a single, easy-to-use Sample Bag page.

Built on eBlox’ storeBlox e-commerce platform, is fully responsive for mobile devices, completely secured with SSL and packed with useful features like easy product color filtering and built-in blog posting.

Check out and give us a shout if you’d like to explore what storeBlox can do for your company.

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Sassy new templates!

Our most frequent request isn’t for a cool feature or a whiz-bang tool—it’s for more design variety. That’s right: we give our customers the best features in the world and all they want is more eye candy. Can’t win ‘em all.

Except for this week—we’re pleased to announce a whole new series of fabulous template designs for your storeBlox CS company stores.

New template designs for your company store

We’ve made some cool improvements, including support for hundreds of new fonts and a streamlined method for changing theme colors.

What’s that you said? Yes, that’s right: you can change theme colors to your heart’s content. Don’t like that purple? Push it over the edge to a deep eggplant-y color! That orange a tad too bright for your client to swallow? Tone it down to something a little more tangerine!

The same goes for fonts. If that sans-serif “Lato” font is a bit too, um, *modern* for the board’s stodgy tastes, restore order and confidence with a much more conservative choice like PT Serif or Crimson. Sky’s the limit! (Well, really, it’s about 850 or so fonts, but that’s probably enough.)

Ready to check out the snazzy new duds or try them out on your company store? Give us a shout today!

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