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eBlox launches 3M Post-It™ Signature Series E-commerce Site

We’re happy to announce the launch of the Post-It™ Signature Series website, which showcases a brand new line of designer notepads, page markers and list pads from 3M. The site features lots of nifty JavaScript and CSS goodies like a pull-down drawer for cart items, product favoriting and a nifty slider loaded with cool presentation images.

Post-It™ Signature Series homepage runs a highly customized version of storeBlox CS and includes built-in authentication of authorized resellers and selective display of information and features based on role. Check it out here!

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Sneak Preview: Company Store Infographic

We’ve been working on this for a while and we’re excited to release it into the wild. eBlox runs millions of dollars and tens of thousands of orders through the storeBlox CS company store system every year, and we decided to see what kind of interesting (anonymous, of course) information we could get out of all that data.

We’re happy to offer blog readers a sneak preview of the storeBlox CS 2012 Infographic this morning. We’ll be pushing it out to the industry at large via email blast later today, but you can get it right now, right here, absolutely free.

StoreBlox CS 2012 Company Store Infographic

Click on the image for a high-resolution JPG version

You can also get a beautiful PDF suitable for printing, framing, or whatever the heck else you’d like to do with it by heading over to the download page.

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More storeBlox CS Domains

If you’ve been itching to put your storeBlox CS company store at a subdomain other than, or if you’ve been holding off on a store until a really amazing domain comes along, rejoice! We now offer and as additional domains for store hosting. Customers with Standard storeBlox CS stores can host their sites at a subdomain of either of these – so if you’ve been waiting for, now’s your chance to grab it!

storeBlox CS new available domains

New domains include the short, sweet

As always, Pro-level stores include a top level domain – like – and a premium SSL certificate for your domain. For those customers that host at subdomains, though, you’ve now got a few new options for your store address.

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