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Announcement: Upgraded Dashboard

If you’ve ever spent any time in our webBlox Management System – or dashboard, or control panel, or whatever you like to call the place where you manage you products, reports, users and everything else – you’ll be excited to learn that we just launched a massive upgrade to the look and feel of it.

In fact, we’re not even calling it “webBlox” anymore – we’ve been in business for 15 years, and those kinds of terms tend to stick around, but we’re finally retiring it. We now just refer to it as the “dashboard” or “admin.” We reckoned that there wasn’t much point in having a separate brand for the place you control the site versus the site itself. Seemed, well, kinda silly.

So, the next time you log in to manage your storeBlox company store or website, you’ll be greeted with a brand new appearance:

New company store e-commerce dashboard

Neat, modern, clean, easy – these are the characteristics we were shooting for when we redesigned the storeBlox CS admin interface. We hope we’ve accomplished it, but if you have any feedback about the new look, please feel free to drop us a line!

If you’re not currently a storeBlox CS customer, don’t forget that we have great offers for customers switching from other providers. Look for more upgrades rolling out in the next few months!

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eBlox Launches Hard Hat Customizer for 3M

3M's Hard Hat Customizer screen shot

We’re pleased to announce the launch of 3M™’s Hard Hat Customizer, a nifty tool that allows buyers to configure and preview custom hard hats and then send them on for production. This is the first tool of its kind for 3M’s Personal Safety Division, and includes real-time logo preview, text imprint preview, and even allows buyers to see what Scotchlite™ reflective material and Uvicator™ sensors look like on their hat.

Buyers can upload their own logos or choose from a variety of stock logos, and the system, developed entirely in Java and JSF by eBlox, handles submissions, review, revision and approval, as well as replacement of logos where necessary.

eBlox designed the user experience, interface and workflow for the system, in collaboration with 3M. Key features include rules-based configuration options (in other words, certain options invalidate others); complete logo and project management for users; a low-friction approval process; and a cool drop-down calculator that shows the pricing details of your order at any time during the process. Check it out if you get a chance, and order some hard hats!

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eBlox launches 3M Post-It™ Signature Series E-commerce Site

We’re happy to announce the launch of the Post-It™ Signature Series website, which showcases a brand new line of designer notepads, page markers and list pads from 3M. The site features lots of nifty JavaScript and CSS goodies like a pull-down drawer for cart items, product favoriting and a nifty slider loaded with cool presentation images.

Post-It™ Signature Series homepage runs a highly customized version of storeBlox CS and includes built-in authentication of authorized resellers and selective display of information and features based on role. Check it out here!

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