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Specialization and Cross-Selling

If you’ve been in business for a few years, you’re probably good at something. Hopefully, it’s something that your customers recognize – perhaps you’re an expert at embroidery, or a specialist at creating innovative promotional packages. Maybe you excel at quick turnaround, or you really know workwear in a particular industry.

What is it you’re good at? It’s an important question, because as the landscape of selling online becomes more and more competitive, the generic message “we sell promotional products” is less useful by the day. Terms like “promotional products” or “logo apparel” are so heavily marketed that competing for search for these terms against the big players in the industry is nearly impossible.

What’s a small or medium-sized business owner to do? As I’ve suggested in numerous other columns, the first place to start is with a geographical focus. In your online advertising and marketing, as well as in the copy on your website itself, you can adopt a regional strategy and make sure you target shoppers searching and buying in your area. As always, keyword research will help you determine popular search terms and search volume in your geographical area.


Exclusive: storeBlox CS Instant Search

storeBlox CS Instant Search

Reduce clicks and increase sales with instant search

Instant Search is all the rage – you’ve seen it at Amazon and more recently at Google. We’re proud to be the first and only company store platform with instant search. It’s available now, and it’s really cool.

With instant search, users see search results as they type, and can select any choice with a keyboard or mouse, bypassing the need to view search results pages. It’s incredibly fast and reduces clicks required to reach the desired product. Reduced clicks result in more conversions. The best part: it’s already available on your store!

Instant search is just one of the brand new features we’re launching this November. Check out all the information on our storeBlox CS company store platform at

More storeBlox 2 SEO Improvements

You already know that storeBlox 2 is unrivaled in SEO features for promotional/wearables e-commerce. We’re making it even better this fall. This month we’re rolling out category and subcategory SEO URL auto-generation with manual overrides. You’ll be able to have true hierarchical, keyword-rich URLs for all your product categories, subcategories, catalogs and catalog categories, either automatically (based on existing titles) or via a manual overrirde (in case you want to get more relevant keywords).

What does all this mean? You can have URLs that look like this:

Or even like this:

We’ll be tweaking the implementation over the next few weeks, so feel free to give us feedback. Contact us if you’d like this implemented on your storeBlox 2 site.