storeBlox CS: Group Management

Need to control access to a set of products? How about restricting budget access to a pool of customers without having to choose each one individually?

storeBlox CS Group Management screenshot

storeBlox CS Group Management

Enhanced Group Management is here. Manage any payment method or product access model with groups. Create custom group registration landing pages so that any user visiting the page becomes a member of the group automatically upon registering.

Here are just some of the things you can do with groups now:

  • Build custom “invite” pages with custom messaging. When a user visits this page, they view your custom message and automatically become a group member upon registering.
  • Total control of product/category access. Got a public company store but you need to show special corporate-only products to your internal marketing staff? Maybe you have certain products only available to franchisees. Groups allow you to control product access any way you want.
  • Assign payment methods and other privileges. Use groups to give pools of users access to specific payment methods and other special site features. Those franchisees that need to buy uniforms? Give them a budget or purchase order to use while hiding those payment methods from the general public.

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