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storeBlox CS Access Model Enhancements

storeBlox CS Access Model Enhancements

storeBlox CS now offers more ways to control site access

You asked us to provide new methods of accessing and registering at stores, so we’ve expanded your options. In addition to standard open and closed access models, we’ve added Invitation Code Registration. As an alternative to Group Landing Pages (which allow users to register and receive group privileges), you can now close off access to a store unless a user has an invitation code. The invitation code is required to access registration. Store managers have control over invitation codes. Find out more about storeBlox CS features at

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storeBlox CS Password Security Improvements

Password management in storeBlox CS

New security options for storeBlox CS company stores

storeBlox CS now allows you to control password requirements on a store-by-store level. If your client requires strong passwords for security purposes, you can enable this option and users will be forced to create strong passwords when registering.

We’ve also added dynamic indication of password strength and matching to the registration form. These indicators change dynamically as the user types in their password.

While strong passwords are an option, we strongly (no pun intended) recommend that any customer who is concerned about security enable this option. More information on storeBlox CS can be found at

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More storeBlox 2 SEO Improvements

You already know that storeBlox 2 is unrivaled in SEO features for promotional/wearables e-commerce. We’re making it even better this fall. This month we’re rolling out category and subcategory SEO URL auto-generation with manual overrides. You’ll be able to have true hierarchical, keyword-rich URLs for all your product categories, subcategories, catalogs and catalog categories, either automatically (based on existing titles) or via a manual overrirde (in case you want to get more relevant keywords).

What does all this mean? You can have URLs that look like this:

Or even like this:

We’ll be tweaking the implementation over the next few weeks, so feel free to give us feedback. Contact us if you’d like this implemented on your storeBlox 2 site.

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