Blogging your way to keyword bliss

This post is excerpted from an upcoming issue of Identity Marketing magazine

Once you’ve filled your site with appropriate keywords, there’s still one other place you can build relevant content that will help your site’s search performance: a blog. Blogs (short for web logs) are simple, personal publishing platforms that allow you to post daily updates or information about your business. They’re easy to set up; just go to, or a host of other providers and you can set up your own company blog for free.

The keyword benefit from a blog comes from the content you publish. With a corporate blog, you should pen short pieces about products, trade shows, services you offer, or success stories from your customers. These articles should, ideally, link back to relevant areas of your website, such as the page for a product mentioned in the article or a calendar event for the tradeshow. By building keyword content and links into your site, your creating additional content relevant to what your users are looking for, and you are linking back to your site to relevant areas, which can help increase the perceived quality of your content. It’s no magic bullet, but as you build up more blog content over time, you’re building a web of related content that can only benefit you.

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