Blog: July 2011

Simple Configuration for storeBlox CS Products

Zero configuration graphic

Don't need configurations for simple products? Now you don't have to build them.

While storeBlox CS has unrivaled support for the complex product configurations that company stores often need – such as apparel colors and sizes – sometimes you need to set up a very simple product; say, a mug with one color and no options. We’ve made that much easier with simplified product configuration.

Instead of requiring the configuration of a single color, now when you create a product, we create a default configuration for you, eliminating an entire step in the process on simple products. That mug that took you two minutes to set up will now only take one. It’s a subtle improvement, to be sure, but one that we think will make a big difference in the time required to set up products in your company store.

Simple product configuration is now available on all stores. It’s backward-compatible with existing products, so you don’t have to make any changes to your current products to support it. Existing products with single configurations will remain that way, and new products with single configurations will have that configuration created automatically for you when you initially build the product – you never need to touch the Configurations tab for those products again.