Blog: March 2008

Conquering Email: Schedule and Respond

If your email volume is anything like mine, you probably spend a considerable amount of time reading, organizing, skimming, fretting or just plain agonizing over the amount of information you feel obliged to process every day. I know people whose lives are ruled by email – if they get away from the computer screen, their eyes are glued to Blackberries, fingers cramped from frenzied scrolling and typing.

Whether the totally “wired” (or, in the case of many of us, “wireless”) lifestyle represents the debasement of communication and presages the downfall of humanity will be a matter for historians and philosophers. What this humble columnist advocates is simple and modest: Take control of email before it takes control of you.

Taking control of email does not mean ignoring email. It doesn’t require rehabilitation or twelve-step programs. You won’t leave all your clients floundering desperately for answers – though you may have to “realign” the expectations of some of your “special needs” customers. Most importantly, by taking control of email, you’ll reduce the interrupt-driven portion of your workday and become more efficient. As a bonus, if you take control of email using a few simple rules for response, you’ll actually be more responsive to your customers andmore effective in your responses than you are now.


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Identity Marketing Email Series

I’ve gotten a lot of positive responses on my email management series for Identity Marketing magazine, so we’re publishing the articles in their entirety over the next three weeks. Stay tuned tomorrow for the first article.

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Swap out product configuration images dynamically

storeBlox 2 now offers the ability to swap out the main product image when a user mouses over a thumbnail, so that all product colors or variations can be viewed as quickly as a user can move their mouse.

For products with many colors or styles, this feature gives your customers instant access to all the variations available for a product without requiring a time-consuming page refresh or opening and closing a popup window.

Best of all, this preserves the “Larger Image” feature, so a user can still click on a thumbnail to view a full-resolution image of each variation.

Click here to see the feature in action. If you’d like to start using this feature, please contact us and we’ll set it up for you.