More AdWords tweaks from Google

It looks like Google is changing the way they measure ad quality again. TechCrunch reports that Google will be factoring in ad position when measuring quality score, effectively removing whatever boost is provided by higher ad positions.

Google will also be making it easier for ads to appear above the search results – because a certain level of quality is required for an ad to appear on the top, the higher quality rankings from the first change result in more ads that meet the quality guidelines to appear above the search results. Result? More money for Google, of course, because more ads appear on top, which should result in more clicks.

Full story here. Google’s complete explanation of ad ranking can be found here. Here is Google’s AdWords blog post on the change.

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Announcing Keyword-optimized URLs

eBlox is currently in the testing phase of an important upgrade for our storeBlox e-commerce platform customers: Keyword-optimized URLs. What the heck is that? Well, a keyword optimized URL is structured in such a way that the product keywords are actually part of the URL itself. Here’s a comparison:

Standard URL:

Optimized URL:

As you can see, the latter URL contains keywords, which benefits the page in search engine relevance. Best of all, these URLs are generated automatically based on product names, so there’s no effort required to implement them.

eBlox continues to develop and deploy best-practice technologies for SEO and e-commerce, and we’ll be rolling this upgrade out free of charge to all customers over the coming month.

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Blogging your way to keyword bliss

This post is excerpted from an upcoming issue of Identity Marketing magazine

Once you’ve filled your site with appropriate keywords, there’s still one other place you can build relevant content that will help your site’s search performance: a blog. Blogs (short for web logs) are simple, personal publishing platforms that allow you to post daily updates or information about your business. They’re easy to set up; just go to, or a host of other providers and you can set up your own company blog for free.


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