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Top Experiential Marketing Gifts for your 2023 Redemption Company Stores

It’s October and we’re nearing the year-end at hyper speed. It’s that time when you feel like your sales are slowing down but you know you might be surprised with a last-minute corporate gifting rush order. The waiting, tinged with a touch of nervous excitement, is genuinely chilling.

But the Experiential and Entertainment Industries are revving up to full throttle for the holidays. How many activations will they have before the end of the year? Often, their employees will be spending most of the holidays on site.  What could wow these hardworking folks on your customer’s Xpress redemption store? We all know adaptability is paramount in the ever-evolving entertainment industry, opening the door for you to offer a supplier solution that can be a lifeline for them.

Trending Gifts in the Experiential and Entertainment Marketing Industry

It probably won’t surprise you that trending categories for your promotional product company stores are totes, drinkware, and backpacks. Would any of these questions sound familiar to your customer? How many event items can we fit into these totes? Did I remember to drink water? Will have I have time between events to answer emails? Before we let anxiety set in, let’s provide your customer’s team with these crucial gifts for their custom company store.

Chart - Entertainment Experiential Marketing Trending Categories

Out of the Woods Tote

Out of The Woods® Large Boxy Tote

Did you know that all Out of the Woods products feature signature Supernatural Paper®? It’s sustainable, vegan, and even washable! Now, before you say, “a tote, really?” –  we’re going to stop you right there. When you get a sample of this tote your life will forever be changed – or at least your mind. The durability of this tote, feel and look are super sleek. Offering your client’s team a classy yet highly functional tote running at roughly $60.

BruMate Toddy XL

BrüMate Toddy XL

Aha! You thought you were about to see another Stanley didn’t you? Not this time. One word that will save all your documents and your laptop: Leakproof. Your client’s team will be able to stay hydrated all day with this 32 oz stainless triple-insulated leakproof locking lid tumbler. They can even throw it in a tote bag and enjoy their refreshments without fretting about the safety of their devices.

Thule Construct 15" Computer Backpack 24L

Thule Construct 15″ Computer Backpack 24L

Thule is dedicated to enhancing the active lifestyle while minimizing concerns about transporting your essentials. It’s like a dream come true for your client’s team—a backpack designed to accommodate nearly everything they require. From laptops and tablets to phones, water bottles, charging cables, sunglasses, pens, notebooks, and even a pullover, this backpack has it all. The extent of functionality it offers will surely leave your client’s team overjoyed.

What an exhilarating journey – and all of this before the holiday season is set in stone. We appreciate your engagement with our trending series, and we trust it has been valuable in your pursuit of securing those Q4 sales.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further inquiries. Interested in Redemption Stores and how they align with your objectives in the experiential industry? Delve into our comprehensive guide, the ABCs of Redemption Stores for in-depth insights.