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eBlox Launches Galaxy Balloon

Galaxy Balloon storeBlox Supplier site homepage

Galaxy Balloon runs on storeBlox Supplier

We’re pleased to announce the launch of another great storeBlox Supplier site: Galaxy Balloon. Galaxy’s site is a showcase for all the unique features that storeBlox supplier has to offer, from distributor-only tools to custom integrations. Galaxy is our first site to include multi-currency pricing built in to the product pages themselves, so a single site (and a single product page template) can service both US and Canadian users.

Galaxy Balloon Canadian pricing tab screenshot

Canadian pricing is a single click away

Galaxy approached eBlox in late 2011 with a need to have a completely upgraded site up and running by January 2012, including migration of product data, registered users, and installation of new features and integrations. “storeBlox is flexible enough to handle just about any supplier website,” notes eBlox CEO Brent Buford. “So the timeline and feature set were not an issue. We were able to deliver a fully-functional site in very little time, on budget and ahead of schedule.”

Galaxy’s site includes on-page freight estimation, which allows users to get a freight quote on their order in real time while browsing products. Along with the single-click-to-view Canadian pricing, the Galaxy product information pages contain just about everything a distributor needs to make a purchasing decision.

Registered distributors are treated to special features available only to them, such as sample, catalog and quote requests, along with a rich flyer and promotion system that enables them to generate their own branded promotional emails. In addition, distributors have access to extensive product safety information and a library of high-resolution product images.

Finally, Galaxy showcases the integration capabilities of storeBlox Supplier with a fully-integrated order status system that not only displays order information but also provides a full web-based preview of the order’s artwork for the customer. Galaxy also provides an integrated distributor locator so that end users visiting the site may find a local distributor to service them.

Want more info? Check out the site itself at, or read about storeBlox Supplier here. if you’re a supplier interested in all that storeBlox has to offer, including the ability to export your data natively to XML, please contact us.