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Roundup of Recent storeBlox CS Upgrades

Approval Email Screen Shot

Now, customers can approve or reject orders within emails themselves

As always, we’re constantly making minor improvements to storeBlox CS. Many of them are based directly on customer feedback — which we love — and here is a passel of improvements recently rolled out to all storeBlox CS customers:

  • Order Approval Process improvements: Approvals can now be approved/rejected from the approval email via a link –  logging in is no longer required to take action on order approvals
  • Real-time shipping API improvements: If you prefer to run all your shipping charges at residential rates (sometimes users do not select this, even when the address is residentail), you can now force residential shipping rates for the entire store.
  • Order Exports: We’ve now added custom field export to the Order Management System export feature.

If you’ve got any questions about implementing these features or have suggestions of your own, please let us know!


More Integration Goodness

storeBlox CS Integration screen shot

New integration modules make storeBlox CS integration simple.

storeBlox CS already has deep support for integration with other systems, but we’ve made it even better by adding the ability to manage integration modules directly in webBlox. Depending on your needs, you can plug in integration modules for any of the following functions:

  • Order Integration: post-processing of orders in real-time to the system of your choice.
  • Pre-order Integration: real-time “punch-out” to external order systems during the order process for outside validation and processing actions, such as your own credit card validation systems
  • Billing Validation: Plug in custom business logic for billing validation, such as order requirements for specific groups of credit card numbers.
If you need to integrate with any system at all, just give us a call to discuss.


Link Management – New storeBlox 2 Feature

Static Page Manager screen shot

Static Page Management

You told us you loved our Static Page Manager in storeBlox 2, which lets you create and maintain your own non-dynamic web pages on your site, but many of you have also requested that the management of external links be included in the same area, since you might want to add off-site links or non-managed page links to your navigation bar.

Wait no more! This fall we’re adding link management to the static page manager, as well as separate management of top, left and bottom navigation. Your navigation may require some changes to support this new feature, so contact us if you’d like it added to your storeBlox 2 e-commerce site.