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Using Email Kung Fu to Build Repeat Business

After abandonment (people leaving in the middle of the shopping or purchasing process), the biggest problem for e-commerce is getting users back to buy again — in other words, generating repeat business.

It’s also a given that an opt-in email address is golden — when a user registers on your site and you can send them promotions, they’re much more likely to buy again.

You can conquer both of these with a little email kung fu, using storeBlox CS email customization to offer incentives for registration.

Email customization screen shot

Customizing emails in storeBlox CS can help build repeat business

How it’s done:
  1. Log in to your storeBlox CS webBlox dashboard
  2. Under Content Administration, select Email Notifications
  3. Edit the User Registration template
  4. Add a one-time discount code, e.g. “Thank you for registering! To receive a discount on your next order, enter this code during checkout!”

You can use this two ways:

  • Offer a benefit for registering – Splash an ad on the homepage using our handy banner manager (tutorial here) that offers a discount for registering, and link it to the registration form. You’ll have an opt-in email address and registered user.
  • Surprise bonus – Added to the order confirmation or registration template, a discount code (tutorial here) for the user’s next order is a fabulous way to get that customer back and ordering again!

Soon, we’ll be adding the capability to send one-time emails only after the first order, for even better customization.

storeBlox CS Email Template Management

Email Template Customization screenshot

All your company store emails can now be completely customized.

We’ve now given you complete control over the content and formatting of all the emails generated by your company store. Our new Email Notification system allows complete customization of every email – total control over WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) HTML and variables. If you need to customize messaging, formatting or content, it’s all available now in the webBlox store management system, for every type of message:

  • Approval notification
  • Approval Request
  • Customer confirmation
  • Order notification
  • Rejection notification
  • Shipment Notification
  • Update notification

To simplify things further, we provide a contextual reference for every available variable in a given email template, right underneath the editor for your reference:

Email Customization Variable Reference screen shot

All available variables are provided for reference

As always, we provide a default template for notifications, so if you don’t want to mess with this, you don’t have to. But if you need to insert custom information, branding, or re-arrange or repeat elements in your email, you’ve got all the tools you need to manage formatting and content. As always, if you need assistance, don’t hesitate to check out the video tutorials available over at the storeBlox CS Video Training Center, or contact us with your questions.

CAPTCHA for Forms – New storeBlox 2 Option

CAPTCHA screen shot

CAPTCHAs can help reduce spam form submissions

Are you getting spam form submissions on your storeBlox 2 website? Quote requests from random users in Russia? You might need CAPTCHA for your web forms. A CAPTCHA tool helps prevent spam by forcing a visitor to re-type visual information.

eBlox can install CAPTCHA on your problematic web forms to help prevent automated submissions. Please note that even CAPTCHAs are not foolproof, so while they tend to reduce spam submissions, they rarely completely eliminate them. Before you add CAPTCHA to your site, you should also be aware that, because CAPTCHAs do take time to fill out, they can sometimes result in abandonment by legitimate users. We recommend them only when spam form submissions have become unmanageable.

CAPTCHAs are available now for all storeBlox 2 customers. Contact us for more information.