storeBlox CS Tip: Import your customers into your email or CRM service

Did you know you can export your users and import them into an email or newsletter service, or even into a CRM (customer relationship management) package? It’s easy!

  1. webBlox: Manage UsersLog into your webBlox dashboard
  2. Select Manage Users
  3. Click Export Results as CSV File

That’s it! You’ll have a file you can open in Excel orimport into services like Constant Contact, Mailchimpor CRM packages like Salesforce, Highrise, Zoho or any others.

Need help with an export or import? Just give us a shout! Want more detail? Here ‘s a great video overview of managing users. Need to reverse the process? Contact us for assistance with User Imports!

Simple Configuration for storeBlox CS Products

Zero configuration graphic

Don't need configurations for simple products? Now you don't have to build them.

While storeBlox CS has unrivaled support for the complex product configurations that company stores often need – such as apparel colors and sizes – sometimes you need to set up a very simple product; say, a mug with one color and no options. We’ve made that much easier with simplified product configuration.

Instead of requiring the configuration of a single color, now when you create a product, we create a default configuration for you, eliminating an entire step in the process on simple products. That mug that took you two minutes to set up will now only take one. It’s a subtle improvement, to be sure, but one that we think will make a big difference in the time required to set up products in your company store.

Simple product configuration is now available on all stores. It’s backward-compatible with existing products, so you don’t have to make any changes to your current products to support it. Existing products with single configurations will remain that way, and new products with single configurations will have that configuration created automatically for you when you initially build the product – you never need to touch the Configurations tab for those products again.


Roundup of Recent storeBlox CS Upgrades

Approval Email Screen Shot

Now, customers can approve or reject orders within emails themselves

As always, we’re constantly making minor improvements to storeBlox CS. Many of them are based directly on customer feedback — which we love — and here is a passel of improvements recently rolled out to all storeBlox CS customers:

  • Order Approval Process improvements: Approvals can now be approved/rejected from the approval email via a link –  logging in is no longer required to take action on order approvals
  • Real-time shipping API improvements: If you prefer to run all your shipping charges at residential rates (sometimes users do not select this, even when the address is residentail), you can now force residential shipping rates for the entire store.
  • Order Exports: We’ve now added custom field export to the Order Management System export feature.

If you’ve got any questions about implementing these features or have suggestions of your own, please let us know!