eBlox launches 3M Post-It™ Signature Series E-commerce Site

We’re happy to announce the launch of the Post-It™ Signature Series website, which showcases a brand new line of designer notepads, page markers and list pads from 3M. The site features lots of nifty JavaScript and CSS goodies like a pull-down drawer for cart items, product favoriting and a nifty slider loaded with cool presentation images.

Post-It™ Signature Series homepage

post-itsignature.com runs a highly customized version of storeBlox CS and includes built-in authentication of authorized resellers and selective display of information and features based on role. Check it out here!

Exclusive: storeBlox CS Instant Search

storeBlox CS Instant Search

Reduce clicks and increase sales with instant search

Instant Search is all the rage – you’ve seen it at Amazon and more recently at Google. We’re proud to be the first and only company store platform with instant search. It’s available now, and it’s really cool.

With instant search, users see search results as they type, and can select any choice with a keyboard or mouse, bypassing the need to view search results pages. It’s incredibly fast and reduces clicks required to reach the desired product. Reduced clicks result in more conversions. The best part: it’s already available on your store!

Instant search is just one of the brand new features we’re launching this November. Check out all the information on our storeBlox CS company store platform at eBlox.com.

rdbufordcomp.com launched

RDB Consulting Home PageeBlox is pleased to announce the launch of rdbufordcomp.com, a site for the executive compensation practice of Robert Buford, a consultant in Portland, Oregon. Check it out here.